Why Do Companies Hire Temporary Roles?

Why Do Companies Hire Temporary Roles?
7 Feb 2023

Temporary work is a growing aspect of many sectors across the UK, with an increased number of employers and employees interested in temporary job roles. At Four Recruitment, we believe that temporary employment is something to seriously consider if you are an employer and can have lots of benefits for your business.

Not only can you save time and money, but it can be a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills for both your business and your temporary team members. 

At Four we specialise in temporary hires across our five divisions and can help your business find the right temporary staff to provide additional resource and support your team on a short term basis.


Are temporary roles popular?

Yes, temporary roles are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the benefits to both the employer and employees. 

Many employers are hiring temporary workers to fill the gaps in their hiring strategy while achieving a highly desirable candidate pool who can offer more flexibility.

Do many companies hire temporary workers?

Yes, many companies are recognising the benefits of hiring temporary team members as a way of establishing whether or not they would make positive, permanent assets to the team.

There are companies across a variety of sectors including retail, hospitality, customer service and manufacturing who are looking to meet the rising workload responsibilities, but often are not ready to add full-time team members. 

What is the advantage of employing temporary workers?

Some of the advantages of employing temporary workers include:

  1. Cost effective. Temporary workers are simply a temporary solution for your business, meaning employers don't need to commit to a fixed permanent salary or some of the other costs associated with permanent employees, like sick pay. We provide all temporary staff to clients at an hourly rate which covers holiday pay, employers National Insurance and pension.


  1. Flexible. Temporary employees allow you to respond to industry demands as and when they arise. The other benefit is that temporary candidates are usually available with a short or no notice period, which means that you can fill the role quicker.


  1. Fresh perspectives. Sometimes an outside perspective is all your organisation needs to change the way you operate for the better. Hiring a temporary workforce can bring about much needed ideas and change, without the need to commit to a permanent team member.


  1. Instant impact. Temporary employees are likely only required for a short period of time, meaning that they can make an immediate impact on your organisation. 


  1. Short hiring process. The process of hiring temporary employees is traditionally much quicker than hiring permanent employees. This is because you are hiring for technical skills rather than for someone who will completely fit your company's culture.


Read our guide on the benefits of temporary employment for employers and candidates to find out more. 


Why do companies offer temporary contracts?

Different companies may have different reasons for employing temporary workers, but in general, many employers will offer temporary contracts because:

  • There is the opportunity to try-out potential hires.
    Some organisations will hire temp-to-hire workers for a trial period to determine if they have the skills and personality to meet the demands of the job role. 
  • The company may not possess the experience and expertise needed. Thankfully, companies can hire temporary workers who are experts in a specific field, such as computer specialists, to fill short-term needs.
  • It allows for flexibility in keeping staffing levels optimal for your business needs.
    Temporary workers can often help reduce a business’s overall staffing costs since their presence can keep your full time employees productive, yet not overworked.

    Our blog on
    temporary vs permanent employment explains further about the benefits and drawbacks of both.


Our focus is to perfectly match great candidates to great business. Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent talent, across finance, HR, business support, supply chain or executive we can support you in finding the right fit for your company. Get in touch with our team of consultants to find out how we can help you.


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