Interview Etiquette in 2024

Interview Etiquette in 2024
19 Feb 2024

Interview Etiquette in 2024

Now we know this topic is basic and fundamental and we don’t want to teach people how to suck eggs however, this subject has been brought up a few times recently by both candidates and clients at a senior level, so we want to cover some interview do's and don'ts that are applicable to everyone.


Personal appearance & clothing attire

The age-old advice of "dress to impress" holds true in the world of interviews. Unless you're absolutely certain that the company culture is super relaxed, it's generally safer to lean towards the side of being overdressed. A sharp suit and trousers might be your go-to, but remember, the devil is in the details. A quick once-over with the iron can make all the difference – presenting yourself crisply shows attention to detail and a commitment to putting your best foot forward. So, iron out those wrinkles and step into your interview with confidence!


Arrival time

Punctuality Matters! Whether it's a face-to-face or virtual interview, punctuality is a timeless virtue. Log in a few minutes early for virtual interviews or arrive at the location with time to spare. It's not just about being on time; it's about conveying the importance of the interview to you, showcasing your meticulous planning, and, above all, respecting the interviewer's time. The initial impression often becomes a lasting one, so if the interviewer's first encounter is marred by annoyance due to lateness, it might be a rather challenging task to reverse that perception.


What should you bring?

Preparing for an interview extends beyond mastering the art of punctuality; it's equally crucial to arrive equipped with the right tools. So, what should you bring to make a positive impression?

  • Firstly, ensure you have multiple copies of your CV neatly tucked away – it demonstrates foresight and readiness to provide additional information.
  • A notepad and pen are your best friend, ready to capture any key points or questions that may arise during the interview.
  • Don't forget a form of identification; it's a practical step that can streamline their administrative processes.
  • Lastly, a water bottle can be a lifesaver, offering a moment to collect your thoughts and stay refreshed.

By coming prepared with these essentials, you not only showcase your organisational skills but also ensure you're ready to navigate the interview with confidence and professionalism.


Ask questions

An often overlooked aspect of a successful interview is posing thoughtful questions. Beyond being a passive participant, actively engaging with the interviewer not only demonstrates your genuine interest in the role but also provides a glimpse into your strategic thinking. Prepare questions that delve into the intricacies of the position, the company's culture, and the expectations for success. This two-way interaction not only shows your eagerness to understand the role but also positions you as a candidate who is invested in contributing meaningfully to the organisation. Remember, asking insightful questions isn't just about gathering information; it's a strategic move that leaves a lasting impression on the interviewer.

Here are some examples of questions to ask:

  1. How would you describe the company's culture, values and mission and how would my role play a part in that?
  • This question shows your interest in understanding the values, vision and purpose of the company and gives you an understanding of the part your role will play within the business.

  1. What is the most rewarding aspect of working for this company? / What is the most challenging aspect of working for this company?

    • Asking the interviewer about their personal experience can provide you with a more nuanced perspective on the company's strengths and positive aspects.

  1. What qualities and attributes make for a successful employee in this company?
  • This question demonstrates your eagerness to align your skills and attributes with the company's expectations, showcasing a proactive approach to fit within their unique work dynamics.


Do your research!

Doing thorough research before an interview isn't just a good idea; it's a game-changer! Showing your enthusiasm for the role is one thing, but let's talk about why you're excited to be part of that specific business. By delving into the company's values, mission, and recent achievements, you not only exhibit genuine interest but also position yourself as a candidate who understands the organisation's core identity. This knowledge allows you to tailor your responses effectively, aligning them with the company's goals and values.

In today's world, with a wealth of information at our fingertips, there's simply no excuse for a lack of company knowledge and preparation. If you're not sure where to start, here are a few pointers:

  • Visit the company website and take notes: Explore the company's official website to get a solid understanding of their mission, values, and recent achievements. It's your go-to source for the basics.
  • Check out their social media pages: Dive into all the social media platforms associated with the company. Take note of what they're talking about, the topics they care about, and any recent happenings. It's like getting the inside scoop on their vibe.
  • Look into your interviewer's LinkedIn: Peek at your interviewer's LinkedIn profile. You might discover mutual connections or common interests, providing valuable conversation starters and building rapport.
  • Keep an eye on business news: Stay updated on the latest news related to the company. Check out their press releases, updates, and announcements. Being in the loop with their recent achievements or changes can set you apart during the interview.

With these tips, you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to impress during your interview. Remember, preparation is the key to success!


Virtual interview etiquette

Since the 2020 pandemic, virtual interviews witnessed a significant surge, becoming the primary mode of interaction. While the urgency has lessened with the easing of social distancing measures, the virtual interviews remain very popular, especially for the first-stage of the interview process. In 2024, mastering virtual interview etiquette holds equal importance to impressing face-to-face and introduces its own set of dos and don'ts. The ability to navigate this digital terrain is a skill-set that remains relevant and valuable in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

Punctuality, as previously mentioned, remains a cornerstone. Equally crucial is ensuring your background is either clear, appropriately blurred, or utilising the platform's preset backgrounds on platforms like Teams. A crystal-clear camera and microphone are non-negotiables; they enhance communication and demonstrate your commitment to the interview. Choose a quiet, private space where interruptions are unlikely, allowing you to focus on the conversation at hand. And while the virtual format might tempt a casual approach, presenting yourself professionally, wearing smart attire (from the waist up at least), contributes to a polished and respectable image.


Follow up

The end of your interview doesn't mark the end of your chance to make a positive impression. Surprisingly, it's not over when you exit the room or end the team's call. Wondering how? Well, it's as straightforward as employing basic manners – a simple thank you can make all the difference. This would work slightly differently whether you’ve been interviewing directly with the business or if you've been working with a recruiter.

If you've been interviewing directly, sending over a follow-up email expressing gratitude to the interviewer for their time and reaffirming your keen interest in the position can truly make a lasting impact. However, don't chase or hound.

If you’ve been working with a recruiter, follow up with your consultant with your immediate feedback, and they can pass this onto the hiring manager. Keep it courteous and professional to leave a positive and memorable impression!


Mastering interview etiquette in 2024 involves a blend of traditional values and adaptability to modern trends. By staying punctual, professionally presented, and well-prepared, you can navigate the interview landscape with confidence. Remember, it's not just about showcasing your skills; it's about demonstrating your professionalism and compatibility with the company's culture. Good luck!

If you’re on the search for your next role, or you’re a business struggling to recruit into your team, get in touch and we can help you achieve your goals!

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