Why should you work with a recruitment agency exclusively?

Why should you work with a recruitment agency exclusively?
29 Apr 2024

Why should you work with a recruitment agency exclusively?

The past year we have seen a significant transformation in the recruitment landscape leaving many companies struggling to meet their hiring goals through internal methods. This is where the support of a recruitment agency becomes necessary. It's not uncommon for businesses to engage with multiple agencies for a single job, hoping to improve their chances of securing the ideal candidate. However, while the practice of involving multiple agencies is common, exclusively working with one agency could prove to be more beneficial.

Currently, we find ourselves in a market where candidates are in short supply, creating a scenario where there are more job opportunities than there are candidates who are actively looking for work. This shift has empowered candidates to be more selective in choosing their employers, making it a challenge for businesses to attract the best people. Recruitment agencies then step in, offering guidance, tapping into their extensive candidate pool and advising on strategic role positioning to help businesses navigate the complexities of a competitive market. In this blog we will explore the numerous benefits of opting to collaborate exclusively with a recruitment agency.


What does working with a recruitment agency exclusively mean and how does this work?

When you decide to work with a recruitment agency exclusively, it's essentially making a deal with a trusted partner. This isn't just a transaction—it's a commitment. It's a company saying to a specific agency, "You're our go-to for all things recruitment, whether it's within a set timeframe or for a specific role." During this exclusive period, the company puts all its recruitment eggs in one basket, relying solely on the chosen agency to find them the perfect candidates.

Now, this isn't a one-sided commitment. It's a mutual agreement. The company offers their exclusivity to the agency, and in return, the agency rolls up its sleeves and invests it’s resources, time, and expertise to meet the company's recruitment goals.

From our extensive experience in the field, we have seen that clients tend to successfully fill roles in shorter timeframes, turning what might seem like a standard recruitment process into an effective partnership. It's not just about finding candidates; it's about matching the perfect people to your businesses and doing so seamlessly.


What are the benefits to working exclusively with a recruitment agency?

Bigger commitment from the recruiter

Working exclusively with a recruitment agency involves a larger commitment from the recruiter, meaning a more dedicated and thorough search for the right candidate will be carried out. This approach allows recruiters to delve into a comprehensive search, not only focusing on actively seeking candidates but also dedicating time to tap into their exclusive pool of passive candidates. This would then create a better-quality shortlist of candidates provided by one agency, rather than multiple agencies rushing to get people in front of you.

The benefit of this exclusive partnership is it’s ability to cultivate a longer-term relationship between the client and the agency. By choosing to work exclusively, you open the door to a higher quality service. This commitment is a two-way street – just as you promise your loyalty to one agency, they reciprocate by going above and beyond to ensure an exceptional experience throughout the entire recruitment journey.


Time and cost savings

Navigating discussions with multiple agencies can feel like a juggling act, involving several separate conversations and a significant time commitment, especially for a single role. Working with just one agency would result in streamlined communication and making reporting a breeze.

Working exclusively with an agency also opens the door to the possibility of negotiating reduced rates, discounts, and package deals. This not only smartly manages your finances but also wipes out the chance of conflicting efforts between different agencies. So, investing your time and attention in just one agency streamlines your approach and serves as a valuable time and cost-saving strategy for your business.

This was demonstrated recently when working with a client on an exclusive basis. It was an extremely fast and smooth process with just 17 working days from agreement to candidate placement. In this instance the client opted for our ‘advance’ product allowing them access to our lowest possible fee and flexible payment options in exchange for their exclusivity on the role. Here’s what our client had to say: “The Advance product was a good option for us because, as a scale-up business, certainty around cost is critical and the guarantees that came with this product suited us well. The feeling that we had already paid something felt psychologically ‘safer’ in terms of a quick turnaround service.” Our Advance product proves to be a popular option with our clients and one that has a great track record. We have filled over 95% of roles recruited with our Advance product!


Brand consistency

Maintaining brand consistency is vital when creating a positive and lasting impression on candidates. When a company works exclusively with a recruitment agency, it ensures that a cohesive message is communicated to potential hires. This not only enhances the overall candidate experience but also contributes to a more favourable impression of the employer.

Drawing from our past experiences, instances where multiple agencies were involved in the recruitment process resulted in candidate frustration. Being approached by numerous recruiters for the same role, each presenting a different narrative or slightly altered promises regarding benefits and salary, can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction. At Four, we specialise in working with businesses on an exclusive basis, allowing us to create bespoke and branded content to effectively promote their roles. This unique offering ensures cohesive message, reinforcing brand identity, and providing candidates with a clear and consistent representation of the opportunities at hand.

See below an example of our brand-personalised talent packs we have put together for exclusive partnerships.



In conclusion, you can see that partnering exclusively with a recruitment agency offers several benefits that can impact your business positively. From saving valuable time and reducing stress to ultimately saving you money, the advantages are clear! If you're looking to grow your team or would like some further information about working with a recruitment agency, don't hesitate to get in touch. At Four we are happy to help and provide the support you need to take your business forward.

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