Four Recruitment

Salary Guide & Recruitment Trends for 2022

Welcome to the Four Recruitment Salary and Workplace Trends Guide. This guide offers a unique insight into salaries for roles within finance, human resources and business support.

This guide provides a comprehensive 2022 salary benchmarking tool to use across your business and the employee-led statistics will help implement benefits that ensure you retain and attract the best candidates.

UK Salary Guide & Recruitment Trends for 2022

We have partnered with reputable and established businesses to source accurate data for various roles across finance, HR and business support industries.

Our guide will provide:

  • Salary averages

  • Salary ranges

  • 2022 predictions

  • Hiring trends

  • Optimal hybrid working options

  • Most desirable workplace benefits

  • The top CSR initiatives



Use our accurate guide to benchmark your salary against the industry average


Understand industry trends andthe hiring landscape


Discover the most desired employee benefits and incentives to improve your hiring strategy


Salary Data With Expert Analysis & Support

In order to attract and retain the best talent for your business you need to ensure that your salaries are in-line with industry averages.

Furthermore, the traditional working model no longer exists and employers are now expected to offer aspects such as flexible working and mental health support. As a business you need to understand and explore these trends in order to stay front of mind and maximise your recruitment potential.

Our guide provides accurate salary and benefits data from real businesses to provide you with a comprehensive benchmarking tool for 2022.