Introducing Four Tech: The Ideal Hub for Ambitious Tech Talent

Introducing Four Tech: The Ideal Hub for Ambitious Tech Talent
24 Oct 2023

Introducing FourTech: The Ideal Hub for Ambitious Tech Talent

When ambition meets opportunity, the result is something extraordinary. FourTech, an innovative brand within Four Recruitment, is not your typical tech recruitment agency; it's a trusted and knowledgeable partner that stands apart from the crowd. In this blog, we speak to Andrew Stroud, Head of Four Tech about its creation, its goals, the tech recruitment market, and the pivotal qualities that define a remarkable tech recruiter.

Hi Andrew, great to meet you. Can you talk us through your career so far and how you got started in the industry?

Well, I started in the recruitment industry over 14 years ago, which makes me feel old! I began my journey because some friends of mine were making their mark in tech recruitment, they were doing really well and enjoying it. So, I fell into it initially and worked for a few different recruitment companies.

My first major experience with a large agency was Hays, where I spent about five years. This is where I developed and honed my management skills. I've always handled quite technical roles, having a technical background myself, often focusing on programming, architecture, and niche technical positions. 

Do you have a passion for tech?

Yes, I do. I'm a bit of a tech geek, I like to follow tech trends closely, and I used to program myself. Being a bit of a techie allows me to have meaningful conversations with both clients and candidates about their goals with tech.

One of the reasons I’m looking forward to building my team is to have other like-minded people to bounce ideas off and to have those technical conversations with.

What have been the key milestones or highlights from your career so far?

Building out teams has been a significant achievement for me. In a previous role, I set up an office in Manchester from scratch. We started with zero presence and grew it to a team of eight, separated  into divisions, and brought in some big accounts, which is something I’m keen to replicate at Four. 

On the client side, I've worked on large-scale projects, such as reshaping candidate attraction processes for businesses like Siemens on their manufacturing sites.

Now, you're at Four setting up FourTech. Can you tell us more about that?

When I decided to look for a new challenge, I wanted an opportunity to develop something myself again, like I had done previously. It was originally going to be setting up a tech recruitment division in an existing company, but then I had a conversation with Phil and met with him and Claire and it felt like a really good fit. Four offered the opportunity and potential I was looking for.

So, the ambition is to build a team of at least 10 in Manchester over the next 3 to 5 years, specialising in development and programming. Then, we can look at expanding to other specialisms and locations.

Tell us more about what you plan to offer. 

I'm focusing mainly on development and programming because that's my background. I want to bring in senior professionals over the next year to start building out the team. We'll initially focus on great business in the North West, dividing it into technical areas and allowing senior recruiters to build divisions within each region. Companies from various sectors require tech talent because they all have some technical function, even if they're not tech companies. Development is at the forefront of helping great businesses grow.

How are you finding the current market?

Tech recruitment is a dynamic field, and adaptability is key. While we've encountered initial challenges in recent years, such as the aftermath of lockdowns and mass redundancies, we've witnessed remarkable resilience in the tech recruitment market. Forward-thinking businesses are tapping into the talent pool created by these changes to propel their growth. 

What skills and qualities do you think are essential for a tech recruiter?

Tenacity is essential, as recruitment can be challenging. You can't let a bad day affect you - if you can learn to bounce back you’ll find it very rewarding. Also, a standout tech recruiter has a real interest in the tech sector. You should take pride in what you do, respecting the pivotal role recruiters play in shaping candidates' careers. 

At Four our commitment goes beyond transactions and fees; it's about our love for the industry and our dedication to the people we serve.

What about candidates? What makes a good candidate in the tech field?

The soft skills I look for in a tech candidate are a logical mind, along with being able to problem solve. This is especially true with developers, attention to detail is also key. 

Of course, some knowledge of a programming language is crucial. Such as Java, C#, JavaScript, iOS, and Android development. A few areas that good candidates focus their attention on include cloud computing, big data, and machine learning as these skills are in high demand and open doors to exciting opportunities in tech, and businesses are constantly looking for candidates with expertise in these areas.

FourTech's mission is to reshape the tech recruitment landscape, fostering the growth of both great businesses and careers. As Andrew leads this transformative journey, his passion for technology, commitment to excellence, and profound industry insights promise a future marked by innovation, collaboration, and unparalleled success. Stay tuned for more updates as FourTech paves the way for a brighter future in tech recruitment.

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Introducing FourTech: The Ideal Hub for Ambitious Tech Talent When ambition meets opportunity,...

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