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The Benefits of Temporary Employment for Candidates and Employers

The Benefits of Temporary Employment for Candidates and Employers

Temporary jobs are becoming increasing popular.  The number of temporary workers in the UK has increased considerably over the past few years, and we at Four believe it's something that candidates and employers need to consider, but why?

Taking a temporary role - why as a candidate you should consider it

1.     You’re in Control

One of the biggest benefits of temporary jobs is flexibility.  YOU are in control of your career and it’s far easier to take career breaks and fit your job around your life.  Although not having a fixed job may be scary at first, it is easy to become addicted to the freedom of doing temporary work when you want.


2.     Network Network

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  Temporary roles are a great way to meet new people and grow your job searching network.


3.     Learn new skills

Temporary roles can be a quick way to gain experience in different roles, or using different systems, making you far more employable and really enriching your CV.


4.     Foot in the door

Candidates can suss out whether a particular organisation is the right one for them.  Open yourself up to the temp market and there is a greater chance you will eventually secure permanent employment.


5.     Experience Counts

If you manage to work a couple of contracts with respected companies, you’ll gain lots of fantastic experience, which will make your CV more impressive and improve your career prospects.


6.     Keeps your CV alive

In many roles a gap in career can mean that an employees becomes out of date on various processes and in a HR case, current legislation.  Temporary roles can ensure that your CV and you are fully up to speed.


7.     Same protection

As a temporary employee you still have rights and are still entitled to benefits like sick pay, holiday allowance and regular pay.  You are also expected to be given the same quality of working conditions as your permanent colleagues.


Providing temporary roles – why employers should consider it

1.    Seasonal Fluctuations

Your HR department can adjust more easily to work load fluctuations – for example retail experiences a significant rise in recruitment approaching Christmas so temps can be used to cover this additional work load.


2.    Unexpected Absences

Temporary employees can be recruited quickly and easily to cover absences such as long term sickness and sudden departure.


3.    Flexibility

Employing temporary workers, encourages the work force to remain flexible.


4.    Returns Policy

It allows you to ‘try before you buy’ with an employee to ensure employer and employer fit, and if they don’t you can ask your recruitment consultant to try again (for free!)


5.    Speed

Quicker way to recruit –your recruitment consultant will coordinate all of the  checks, and all of the initial interview process, and will coordinate temporary workers payroll.


6.    Project Work

Employing temporary workers is a great way to manage new projects, or contentious issues such as a redundancy process.


If you have any temporary HR requirements please do not hesitate to contact me on:

01204 32644 / gemma@4recruiting.co.uk


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