Benefits of Temporary Employment

Benefits of Temporary Employment
8 Apr 2021

Why Temporary Employment can benefit both Employers and Candidates


Temporary jobs are becoming increasingly popular and the number of temporary workers in the UK has increased considerably over the past few years. At Four Recruitment, we believe that temporary employment should be considered by candidates and employers. 

Not only can temporary work provide benefits of freedom and flexibility to an employee, and save time and money for an employer, it can be a great opportunity for both parties to gain new knowledge and skills when dealing with particular projects. Our post discusses what temporary employment really is and how it can benefit you as a candidate and as a business.

What is temporary employment?

Temporary employment is where you are required to work on a flexible, temporary basis. This allows a company to hire a candidate to complete a specific project or cover a busy period. There are two different types of temporary work, but both work under the same premise that the employee is not a permanent member of staff.


Fixed-term contracts

A fixed term contract is where an individual is employed with a contract that states how long they will be working for. This could be any time frame, but typically ranges from around 1-6 months, to a year. This type of contract is often used when a company has a specific task that needs to be completed and would benefit from a temporary, outside hire to work on the project. 

Some companies, particularly retail businesses, will require extra help during busy periods, such as Christmas. This allows them to hire staff when needed and not have surplus employees when the business returns to normal. 


Temporary contracts

This type of temporary employment is on a more informal basis and doesn’t usually require a specific, contractual agreement. This could be in the form of a one-off, short period of work or a specified number of hours a week focusing on a particular task until its completion.

This type of work isn’t as common as a fixed term contract, but can still be beneficial for employers and employees. Freelance workers often pick up temporary, hourly-paid work, though they may still create contracts in order to protect theirs and the company’s rights.


Benefits of Temporary Employment for Candidates

There are many reasons why an individual would choose to take up temporary employment. Here are some of the main benefits to temporary work:


1. You are in control of your work

One of the biggest benefits of temporary jobs is flexibility. You are in control of your career and it is far easier to take career breaks and fit your job around your life. If you prefer a career with the options of you having freedom of control over your work life, a temporary contract could work for you.


2. Great for networking

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Temporary roles are a great way to meet new people and grow your job searching network. When taking up temporary work, you will naturally be meeting more people and more potential, permanent employers.


3. Learn new skills and gain experience

Temporary roles can be a quick way to gain experience in different roles or using different systems, enriching your CV and making you far more employable. If you manage to work contracts with respected companies, you’ll gain lots of fantastic experience which in turn, will also make your CV more impressive and improve your career prospects.


4. A way to get your foot in the door

Candidates can suss out whether a particular organisation is the right one for them and are not tied in to a company once their contract ends. Open yourself up to the temp market and there will be a greater chance that you will eventually secure permanent employment, if this is what you wish.



5. You and your CV can keep up to date

In many roles, a gap in your career can mean that you may lack the knowledge of various updated processes and if necessary, current legislation. Temporary roles can ensure that you and your CV are fully up to speed, impressing future employers.


6. Protected with access to rights

As a temporary employee, you still have rights and are still entitled to benefits such as sick pay and holiday allowance. You are also expected to be given the same quality of working conditions as your permanent colleagues.



If you are currently looking for temporary work and like the idea of working on a more flexible basis, have a look at our current listings or get in touch with us to discuss where you’d like to go with your career.

Benefits of Temporary Employment for Employers

Some employers may be reluctant to hire temporary employees, but there are huge benefits in doing so that can save you time, money and resources. Some of the main benefits to temporary employment for businesses include:



1. Cover Seasonal Fluctuations

Your HR department can adjust easily to workload fluctuations when they have temporary workers available. For example, retail experiences a significant rise in recruitment approaching Christmas, so temps can be used to cover this additional workload.


2. Cover Unexpected Absences

Temporary employees can be recruited quickly and easily to cover absences such as long term sickness, maternity or paternity leave and sudden departure. This also allows you to retain staff who are an integral part of the team when they need leave, as you can hire a temporary worker to cover the exact time your current employee needs off.


3. Flexibility

Employing temporary workers encourages the work force to remain flexible and suit the needs of a growing business.


4. Find the right fit

It allows you to gain a feel for your new employee to ensure that they are a good fit for your team. If you feel as though the pairing isn’t working out, you can ask your recruitment consultant to search for somebody else.


5. Speed of Recruitment

Hiring temporary workers is a quicker way to recruit. Your recruitment consultant will coordinate all of the checks, the initial interview process and temporary workers payroll. This frees up time in the business to spend in more crucial areas.


6. Allow Project Work

Employing temporary workers is a great way to aid the process of managing new projects, taking over existing projects to fastrack progress or dealing with contentious issues such as a redundancy process.


If you are looking to outsource your recruitment process and would like to explore the options to you regarding hiring temporary workers, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

Utilising temporary contracts and allowing your business to function with more flexibility and additional support when needed can be a real measure of success. If you are an individual looking to start taking on temporary work, you are still eligible for the same level of support from us and will be guided throughout the process by the friendly and professional team at Four.




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