Vinyls/Records & Recruitment ...

Vinyls/Records & Recruitment ...

ASDA sells Vinyl/Records!!!!!!!

This Friday, I nipped into my local Asda. On the way out, I noticed that they had shelves full of records!!! I may be a bit behind but when the hell did this happen? I’d heard over the past few years that vinyl had become a trend, although for me especially I’m not sure when it ever died. Good thing is my vinyl collection is now worth a MINT, bad thing is everything I want has gone up 500% in price apart from anything new or remastered. I wish I had shares in Discogs that all I can say!

It got me thinking, finding vinyl is a lot like RECRUITING!! Maybe this is why, after DJing throughout my time in High School, College and University, I moved into recruitment where I have gone on to have a very successful career building some fantastic relationships with both clients and candidates.

My quick comparison – (I could talk for days on this!);

No offence to anyone who would choose to buy their records in Asda but that’s like shopping in a generalist/non-specialist agency for a Managing Director. I passed HMV on Saturday and thought I’d nip in after making the ASDA discovery, again, I was shocked to find that 50% of the store was dedicated to vinyl. First thoughts - when did this happen? The last I heard HMV had disappeared! Now don’t get me wrong I did buy the odd record in the 90’s from HMV when I was DJing but one thing I can say is you’d only ever find what everyone else had.

You have to search high and low for the gems which only come in the most exclusive shops/independent boutique style record stores OR you had an inside contact, that was ready to give you a call as soon as they had something they knew you would want because they know you down to a tee and knew what would work for you and what a great find it would be for you personally

Why is this linked to recruitment you might ask? Just read that last paragraph again, is that not what you want from your recruitment agency? Someone that knows exactly where you find those gems. That for me is FOUR RECRUITMENT. The current climate and changes over the last 5-6 months means more and more candidates are coming on the market, even more reason to find your trusted recruitment partner and utilise their years of experience in the industry, market knowledge in general/of your competitors and to provide you with the strongest candidates in a highly candidate heavy market.

If you are looking to make a senior appointment please do not hesitate to get in touch, I head up the Four Executive Division here at Four Recruitment and can assist with any senior or director level appointment.

You can connect with Neil Whitaker directly via linked in get in touch via email: neil@4recruiting.co.uk


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