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Top Interview Tips

Top Interview Tips
1 Sep 2021

4 top tips for your next interview

Our consultants are experts when it comes to preparing candidates for interviews and have extensive experience with the most common questions that an employer might ask.

Esme West is a consultant within our HR division and has provided her top tips to prepare for an interview to ensure you impress your prospective employer.

1. Research 

Make sure that you research the company and the industry really well. Don't just look at the website. Instead search the business on Google, Linked In and other social media sites to get a real feel for their business, their people and their culture.

2. Know your CV

As a candidate, you need to know your CV back to front and inside out. Re-read the job specification and think of some examples of when you've been able to demonstrate  those skills. 

3. Prepare for questions

Think of some commonly asked interview questions and some competency based questions. To view a list of popular questions you may be asked, you can read our other post on the 10 most common interview questions.

4. Ask questions

Remember, you should always ask a question at the end of your interview, even if you think you've learnt everything you need to. It is so imporant as it shows that you have a genuine interest in the company and are proactive in your approach.

The full video of Esme and her top tips is available here:

How Four Recruitment can help with job interviews

At Four Recruitment, we specialise in supporting clients and candidates with recruitment and offer expert advice and support for both interviewers and interviewees. We'll provide support during the interview process and ensure that our candidates are well prepared and can walk into an interview feeling confident and excited.

If you are currently looking for work and think that you would benefit from some profesissional guidance, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you to find the right role and ace the interview.




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