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Top 10 tips for video interview success

Top 10 tips for video interview success

Video interviews became the new normal in March and they are very much here to stay. At Four we have always seen the value in carrying out first interviews via video with our candidates, it’s a great way of getting an initial insight. In fact, our Four Enhanced pricing package includes a copy of our video interview, further assisting hiring managers with the process of recruitment.

We do understand however that video interviews may feel daunting for those who are not comfortable or familiar with it. But there are some great positives: they save time (no travelling required), allows for flexibility in the day (interviews can take place over lunch). In addition, with hiring managers busy diaries, scheduling a video call is a lot more convenient than a face-to-face meeting.

We have pulled together our top 10 tips for video interview success.


1. Test your technology

Avoid the stress of last-minute technical issues by doing a test run with the systems you’ll be using in your interview.  Ensure your microphone is on and working and your laptop/phone or iPad has video option installed.  Your consultant can help with this and complete a dummy run with you.


2. Check your WIFI connection


Ensure you are in a good location so the WIFI doesn’t let you down!


3. Log on 5-10 minutes early


Don’t leave it to the last minute to log onto your interview, get yourself set up and sign into the call a few minutes ahead of your interview time.

4. Pick the perfect ‘neutral’ spot

Pay careful attention to your background, try and pick a space which is neutral, tidy and free from distractions. 

5. Other people

If other people are around, make them aware that you are having an interview so they don’t interrupt, but don’t stress if the unexpected happens, your interviewer will understand.

6. Dress professionally

First impressions go a long way and it’s easy to forget the importance of appropriate attire when interviewing from your home.

7. Keep your eyes forward and focus on the camera not the screen

It’s important to keep focus and make eye contact with your interviewer.  Hiring managers will be looking for how you interact and so it’s important to remain engaged throughout your interview.

8. Do your research

Social media and online presence make this process really easy, so ensure you have some good and relevant background knowledge of the company interviewing you.

9. Have some of your own questions ready

As you would in a face-to-face interview, prepare some questions about the company and the role ahead of your interview, as you’re not getting to meet your prospective employer face to face you want to ensure you are being perceived to be as engaged as possible.


10. At the end of the interview

Ensure you thank the interviewer for their time and wait for them to end the video.


If you’re a candidate looking for your next role you can register your interest to work with Four Recruitment (HERE).


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