The Transformative Impact of Digital Learning: Empowering Employees in Great Businesses

The Transformative Impact of Digital Learning: Empowering Employees in Great Businesses
14 Sep 2023

The Transformative Impact of Digital Learning: Empowering Employees in Great Businesses


A continuous learning and development strategy is a key component of any great business. With it, you can foster skill enhancement, employee engagement and professional growth across the board.


Doesn’t that sound ideal?


Luckily, through the use of innovative and modern technology avenues like virtual classrooms, webinars, and e-learning platforms, offering consistent and personalised training experiences to your team is easy.

The Benefit of Technology-Driven Employee Training


At a surface level, digital training promotes the emergence of adaptive learning systems that allow you to cater to your employee’s unique needs. Through platforms like Kallidus, you can analyse individual preferences and personalise every employee’s learning experience. 


This will improve engagement, completion, and, and success rates significantly.


By allowing you to tailor crucial content to an individual’s needs, progress, and learning style, digital learning ensures that the material provided will always resonate with the learner. This personalisation delivers a host of background benefits, enabling you to create personalised development plans and identify areas that require targeted focus. 


“Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all training; HR can craft bespoke learning experiences that resonate with each employee's unique aspirations and learning style. At the risk of sounding lofty, employees are not just recipients of knowledge but the co-creators of their success stories.” - Four Recruitment

How to Empower Employee Growth through Digital Learning


According to research by Kallidus, just 16% of employees believe that they have access to learning options that accommodate their preferences. This needs to change. 


Today's HR professionals have access to hundreds of digital resources that can support and drive continuous learning and development, empowering employees in an organisation. 

Step 1. Adopt HR Technologies

To support and drive your employee training goals, you should start adopting HR technologies that can offer versatility across your organisation. We recommend…


  1. Digital Learning Platforms: Popular due to their incredible adaptability, digital learning platforms enable HR teams to curate personalised learning paths that cater to the development needs of each employee. 
  2. Online Courses: Collaborating with external training providers, HR teams can offer a diverse catalogue of courses spanning a wide range of topics, from technical skills to soft skills, leadership development and industry-specific knowledge.
  3. Virtual Training Platforms: Holding special significance for technical or specialised training, where practical experience is crucial, virtual training platforms enable employees to put theoretical concepts into practice and fine-tune their abilities in a controlled setting.


Beloved applications such as Docebo, Moodle, Enboader, and Litmos will allow you to tap into the future of employee empowerment, presenting the opportunity for you to drive digital learning and secure your future as a great business.

Step 2. Onboard Your Employees

Whenever you are introducing an unfamiliar digital system to your organisation, training must be provided. 


You don’t want to risk investing in a useful tool for your employee’s personal and professional growth, only for them to reject it outright. As soon as possible, you need to get your team to engage in their own learning and development. 




By teaching them how to use digital learning platforms to their advantage and emphasising the benefits of doing so. Soon, they’ll be able to take their career to new heights and will be satisfied with the work they do.

Step 3. Encourage Self-Paced Learning

Unlike traditional classroom settings, self-paced learning empowers individuals to choose when and where to engage with their training materials. 


To make the most of the HR technology you’ve adopted, then, and drive employee development across your organisation, you need to encourage autonomy in the early stages. 


This will allow individuals to take ownership over their online study and…


  • adopt a self-directed approach to personal growth
  • pursue development with enthusiasm
  • engage further with their learning and development plan


When employees have control over their own training, they’ll be motivated to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Step 4. Offer Additional Support

As your employees use the digital learning platforms you’ve provided, you’ll be able to collect and analyse performance data to gain in-depth insight into their progress. 


Wherever an employee seems to be struggling, you can proactively intervene and offer “the human touch” - speaking to them about their problem and looking for alternative solutions. 


The best businesses combine extensive digital learning with other training methods, such as 1:1 coaching and instructor-led workshops. 

Step 5. Create Custom Development Plans 

To further empower your employees, you need to use the data provided to identify skill gaps and craft tailored learning paths for each of your employees. 


This will foster a culture of continuous learning, where employees are encouraged to take pride in their professional growth and seek learning opportunities beyond mandatory training. 


As employees witness their organisation's dedication to their success, they’ll become more engaged in their roles and become motivated to contribute to the organisation's overall success.


“The beauty of digital learning lies in its accessibility, with employees able to engage with learning content at their convenience, which, in turn, creates a sense of ownership of their learning and development journey. Furthermore, through gamified elements like quizzes and interactive simulations, employees are drawn into the learning process, making education not just informative but (hopefully) enjoyable.” - Four Recruitment

Using HR Technology to Grow Your Business

As well as enabling effective and engaging employee training, HR technology can offer unlimited value to every great business. 


It plays a core role in improving team wellbeing, making strategic decisions, and fostering a healthy growth culture for any organisation.


Contact us to find out more.





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