The 411 Ep6. Paul Cheetham-Karcz, Founder and Managing Partner at Sedulo

The 411 Ep6. Paul Cheetham-Karcz, Founder and Managing Partner at Sedulo
28 Jun 2023

Claire Sofield, is on a mission to showcase the companies that are doing things the right way. In each episode she finds out what it means to build a s%*t hot business from the leaders who created them. This podcast delivers an honest take on the struggles, triumphs and aspirations of the business leaders that sit at the forefront of some of North West’s most successful businesses. 

In the 6th episode of The 411, Claire Sofield sits down with Founder and managing Partner of Sedulo, Paul Cheetham-Karcz. 

Gain exclusive insights into Paul's remarkable leadership approach, where he shares how he sets and upholds exceptional standards while leading with integrity.  

Paul opens up about living with anxiety and the non-negotiable principles that guide his life. 

Don't miss this powerful episode filled with valuable wisdom and personal revelations.

Watch the full interview below on YouTube or listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


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