Personal and Professional Success: Your Journey with Four Recruitment

Personal and Professional Success: Your Journey with Four Recruitment
17 Jul 2023

In today's fast-paced and demanding professional landscape, it's essential that your employer fosters career development while also caring for your wellbeing.

Both personal and professional growth prove crucial to your success, allowing you to flourish and find fulfilment within your role. 

Four Recruitment looks to empower our employees; shattering the stereotypes of our industry by investing in a workplace where our people can thrive.

Our modern workforce understands the significance of providing a healthy environment that continuously nurtures growth, supports mental and physical health, and fosters a sense of belonging throughout.

6 Ways Four Recruitment Sets You Up For Personal and Professional Success

With Four Recruitment, you’ll have the chance to engage with some of the world’s best, delivering a recruitment experience that goes above and beyond. 

You’ll be trusted (and even encouraged) to build client and candidate relationships that last a lifetime - making a real impact through the work you do. We set you up for personal and professional success long into the future. 

Career Opportunities

Our employees deserve the world, so we look to unlock it through extensive and regular training from leading subject specialists. Instead of feeling trapped in (or restricted by) your current role, you’ll receive regular in-depth and personalised guidance surrounding your journey on the career ladder, benefiting from direct access to our senior management team at all times. 

Employee Benefits

How would you like to be in charge of your own earning potential? A salary alone is too restrictive for our recruiters so, alongside offering competitive remuneration, we provide a market-leading commission package that ensures you are rewarded for your input. On top of this, we have an extensive list of additional benefits that all our employees can access, like our extensive mental health support programme.

Four Fertility

From personal experience within Four, we understand the journey of starting a family can be tough, especially whilst managing work commitments - adding stress to an already taxing situation.

To combat employee concerns and provide more support to our team in their personal lives, we have created Four Fertility. It provides our people with…

  1. Access to free hormone testing and egg counts for themselves or their partners.

  2. The opportunity to speak to a reproductive health specialist. 

  3. Extra time off for attending appointments or necessary treatments. 

It’s incredibly important to our organisation that we build a culture where anyone who wants to grow their family can do so, confident in their options. Our partnership with Hertility aims to take the stress out of your journey.

Four Flex(ible) Working

We strongly believe that your work schedule should work for you. 

After a period of learning and collaboration with the team, we offer job flexibility so that you can enjoy the little moments of life while also experiencing an all-important connection to your colleagues. 

You’ll have the opportunity to work from home some days and come to our offices on others, ensuring you feel engaged and primed for success. 

Over time, through increased levels of service, you’ll be able to choose when and where you work.

Personal Wellbeing

If it wasn’t obvious enough already, Four Recruitment cares deeply about your mental and physical health. At both our Bolton and Manchester offices, we have an array of crucial facilities that’ll equip you to look after yourself and enjoy coming to work every day. We also offer an ongoing social programme that is designed to encourage open communication - allowing you to always receive support where it’s needed.

Job Satisfaction

At Four Recruitment, you’ll be part of a work culture where both your personal and professional successes are celebrated. Your win is our win so whether you’ve just moved house or successfully completed an online learning module, don’t be afraid to share your progress! We can’t wait to see you thrive.

Applying for Four Recruitment

Four Recruitment is in the midst of ambitious growth and we've got big plans to get to the next milestone. We're looking for driven, committed and business-minded individuals to enhance our team and move us to a new level. 

We offer a work environment where all achievements are recognised and celebrated. It’s such an exciting time to join us and our growth plans mean that we're continually on the lookout for employees just like you.

Apply today and play a part in the future of our success.


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