Moving to an owner managed business from a larger recruitment firm.

Moving to an owner managed business from a larger recruitment firm.

We’re a recruitment company and we’re hiring! People reading this may think ‘really’?  Yes, it’s no secret that the recruitment sector has certainly been impacted as a result of the pandemic – less jobs and more people looking for work!


This is true to a certain extent, however there is still plenty of activity in the market. Businesses are reviewing their strategy and as a result are hiring new people with a different skill set – in fact a report this week highlighted that recruitment is up from 24% in Q2 to 37% in Q3 (SOURCE: British Chamber of Commerce).


Candidates are looking for work not just because of redundancy but for a new challenge. The last six months have given many people the chance to reflect on their career goals and their priorities.


Maybe you have too? If that’s the case, then we’d definitely suggest reading the rest of this article for more information on why we’re recruiting and what Four – as an owner managed business can offer you.


Four is growing


Since lockdown we have hired three new people, all these positions have been new roles at Four to grow our four key divisions – Finance, HR, Executive and Business Support. We have also invested in our marketing department which has increased our visibility reaching a far wider audience.


We’re now looking for experienced recruiters to continue to grow our market share by living and breathing what we’re all about – which is delivering a quality authentic service of which we’re proud of.


Whilst experience recruiting into our specific specialisms would be advantageous, we can teach you all about a new sector, we can’t teach you about having the right attitude and values.


We all love working at Four, that goes without saying, however, it got us thinking. Why would you move from a larger recruitment agency to a smaller owner managed business? So, we asked around some of our team who have indeed made that move.


1. Flexibility


The structure of a small business is often more flexible than those of large businesses. After gaining trust from management, you have complete control over your own diary, including working from home (not just when we’re in the middle of a pandemic) late starts or early finishes, and balancing your work and personal life as you see fit.


2. Your role 


Rather than having a strict and straightforward title, in an owner managed business there are many other opportunities available and a real chance to make a role your own, or even have a newly created one to fit around your own skill set and the business needs.

This could be managing additional projects internally, championing well-being programmes or initiating perhaps a CSR campaign, the list is endless. In a smaller business these opportunities are more readily available allowing you to be a driving force in the company’s success and giving you the ability to receive more responsibility sooner.


3. Your future 


There are more opportunities to move onwards and upwards in an owner managed business and you are in complete control of your career if you establish yourself and work hard. Within a smaller company your voice is heard by the owners of the business rather than having to go through layers of managers and directors to get your point across.

Thinking longer term, you will gain skills that will help shape your future. You’ll be involved in many aspects of the business operations; strategy, finance, IT, marketing and much more – perhaps one day you’ll be running your own business!


4. You are more than just a number


Dedication, innovation and ambition does not go unnoticed, it will be seen directly by the owners of the business and rewarded.  Four have created divisions, senior roles and many other initiatives for some of their most entrepreneurial members of staff.


If you’d like to find out more about existing opportunities and how you progress within Four, please contact Claire Sofield or Phil Sofield on 01204 326 444.


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