How to Write a Good Job Advert

How to Write a Good Job Advert
5 Oct 2022

With a huge range of roles needed to be filled in a variety of sectors, nailing your job advert is a must in order to obtain your ideal candidate. Get it wrong, and you could end up with a whole host of irrelevant applicants, or no applicants at all. Either way, it’s costing you your precious time

We’re here to help. This article will explain how to create a successful job advert and what content you need to include.


What is the difference between a job advert and a job description?

Before you dive straight into writing your job advert, it’s worth knowing the difference between a job advert and a job description. Although they are quite similar, they should always be distinguished between one another.

A job description is predominantly internal, and describes the necessary activities a successful candidate will be undertaking. It is one of the first steps in a recruitment process.

A job advert however, is external and used to sell the vacancy. It highlights the outcome of the role which will attract potential candidates.


What are the key features of a job advert?

An effective job advert will engage and excite the candidate you want. You should be using key selling points to capture their attention and encourage them to apply.

Essentially, you want to stand out against other employers and emphasise to candidates what they will gain in return for taking on the role.


What should you include when writing a job advert?

Make sure your advert includes answers to the following questions:

  • Why is the role a great opportunity for them?
  • How will the job improve their life and career?
  • What makes your company the best place to work?


How do I structure a job advert?

Job adverts that use industry standard titles are more likely to be seen by and attract a better level of applicants. We recommend speaking to your consultant about the best title for your role to ensure you attract the best possible candidates.


  1. Job title: Try not to use terms that candidates may not understand such as internal titles, acronyms or abbreviations.

    Job adverts that use industry standard titles are more likely to be seen by and attract a better level of applicants. We recommend speaking to your consultant about the best title for your role to ensure you attract the best possible candidates.

  2. Selling points: Include the key selling points of the role immediately after the job title. Consider this from an applicant's perspective and include points such as: what makes the job so great and why would job seekers thrive in your company?

  3. Salary: Salary is something that candidates want to see. You may not want to explicitly advertise the salary, but companies that do generally have more applicants. If you prefer not to state the salary, consider including a salary bracket.

  4. Location: Being specific can really make a difference. Instead of just stating the city, you could provide a more precise area. If there is the opportunity for remote or flexible work, be sure to include this as it’s a huge draw for candidates in today’s market.

  5. Job details: Provide full clarity for the position so that any potential applicants reading will know exactly how to apply, what they will be doing for the job, what kind of applicant you are looking for and the progression opportunities.


What kind of language should I use in a job advert?

When it comes to writing your job advert, picture your ideal candidate reading it. Then write it as if you were speaking to them.

Your choice of wording can be crucial, and you will need to strike a good balance between professionalism and your company’s work culture. Avoid using language that is too complex or too slang-heavy.

You should also use inclusive language in order to attract a diverse group of candidates. To do this, try to stay away from phrases that perpetuate faith or culture and be mindful of gender-coded language and pronouns.


Should I promote company culture in a job advert?

There should be some reflection of your company’s culture in the advert, but avoid going overboard. It can be easy to use cliches such as “we’re like a family”, but these phrases are essentially meaningless to the applicants and can be a red flag.

Getting insights from current team members can help you describe your company culture more accurately. Including short testimonials from current employees is also a great way to attract applicants, as well as going the extra mile.


What do job seekers want to see in a job advert?

Above everything else, candidates are looking for a detailed role description. The vast majority of applicants want to know what the role is, the requirements for the role and a predicted salary.

It’s vital you provide sufficient detail on exactly what your vision is for the role, and the requirements from applicants. If this information is not provided, not only can it deter applicants from applying, but it can also lead to hiring candidates with expectations which don’t align with yours.

Whether applicants are applying via recruitment agencies, agency websites, careers portals or job boards, candidates will be filtering their search results.

The top criteria candidates filter by is location and salary, meaning employers who do not include this information are missing out on candidates who will not consider applying without this information.


Common mistakes to avoid when writing job adverts

There are a few common mistakes that you should watch out for when writing a job advert:


  1. Unnecessary jargon: While you may think it sounds more knowledgeable, filling your advert with acronyms, abbreviations and jargon can be a turn off for applicants.

    Instead, be sure to include clear and concise language, only using buzzwords and abbreviations if it is totally necessary.

  2. Leaving out key information: Always include the basic information, even if you don’t think applicants want to see it.

    By adding a job title, location and salary clearly at the top of the advert, you’ll also ensure you receive more relevant job applications.

  3. Spelling and grammar mistakes: Basic mistakes in your advert can look unprofessional and rushed.

    Make sure yourself, and others, proofread the advert several times to double check for no mistakes.

  4. Ignoring structure: You don’t want your job advert to be one big paragraph. This can make it hard to read, and candidates will likely not even try to read it.

    Use smaller paragraphs, headings and bullet points to break up the text.


If you need assistance writing a job advert for your company, or recruitment in general, you can get expert advice from our experienced team.

We can help you with job advert writing, ensuring you hire the perfect candidate. Get in touch with us today!


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