How to Create a Caring Culture Without Jeopardising Results

17 Jul 2023

As an experienced and qualified HR professional, you want to show your employees that you care about their wellbeing and will listen in their time of need, yet you mustn’t risk forming relationships that stop you from being able to objectively criticise mistakes. 

There has to be some middle ground. 

Rather than withdrawing from your team, reducing your interactions with them, and forcing individuals to tackle issues alone… you need to dedicate yourself to building a caring culture that offers support without compromising your position.

Can you really have the best of both worlds?

What is a Caring Culture?

A caring culture is an organisational custom where all employees deliberately act in a way that encourages their team members to thrive. 

An individual’s success translates to everyone’s success and support is always offered.

Just by starting to put certain processes in place, you can effectively create a workplace where your team consistently produces outstanding results.

5 Ways to Build a Caring Culture Without Jeopardising Results

To create a caring culture that boosts employee support without requiring you to become too personally involved in employee lives, you need to put some alternative communication systems in place. Where can your team turn?

Step 1. Organise Comprehensive Onboarding

One of the scariest time periods for any team member is when they’re new to the organisation and are struggling to settle into their role. 

A comprehensive onboarding process will combat this. 

By ensuring your recruits are shown around the office, introduced to their colleagues, and taught about their job from day one, you’ll be setting them up for a future of greatness. 

This seemingly small gesture can have a big effect in creating long-lasting bonds. 

Step 2. Implement Ongoing Learning & Development Schemes

In today’s overly complex working environments, the job roles of your employees will be transforming day by day. They’ll need additional guidance to deal with this change.

Are they getting any?

Learning & Development has always been multi-beneficial but it’s especially useful when creating a culture of care. It ensures that your staff continue to develop the skills required for their position so that they can perform optimally and not let their team down. 

Step 3. Focus on Employee Strengths

When you are conducting performance reviews throughout the year, you need to remember to focus on each employee’s unique strengths. 

Too often, we bring up the weaknesses of our team (hoping to make improvements) and this can make individuals feel belittled or out-of-place; intimidating them from seeking support. 

You need to take the time to bolster your employees, making them feel encouraged and celebrated. By doing so, they’ll be more likely to offer the same treatment to those around them.

Step 4. Offer Competitive Compensation 


To support your team through the rising cost of living, make sure they are earning salaries that are either in line with or above the average market rate. 

Otherwise, what’s to stop them from looking elsewhere for a different job opportunity? 

If you aren’t currently offering competitive compensation, your employees will feel highly undervalued and unappreciated. This will show. 

Stress and frustration will make them more likely to lash out and lose their temper, quickly harming your culture of care and ruining the work you’ve done.

Step 5. Celebrate Every Win and Success

As a part of your goal to empower your team and show them your appreciation, start celebrating every win. 

Even if the gesture is only a small one, such as a chocolate bar delivered to their desk, it will go a long way toward transforming your workplace into one of positivity and joy. 

Your employees will soon follow your lead, taking it upon themselves to cheer and applaud their colleague’s hard work. Soon, you'll have a team that supports and lifts each other up. 

What’s not to love?

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