Forbes reveals 2021 Reinvention and Resilience Top 50

Forbes reveals 2021 Reinvention and Resilience Top 50
19 Oct 2021

Forbes Reinvention and Resilience Top 50


We’re delighted to announce that we have joined a select group of businesses, after being included in this year’s Forbes Solicitors Reinvention and Resilience Top 50.


The final 50 includes SMEs across all sectors that have demonstrated new ways of generating revenue and protecting jobs or have re-invented any aspect of their business, service, product or sector in the past 12 months.


We were selected as one of the Top 50 after we demonstrated our ability to thrive in challenging times.


  • Resilient business – through restructuring or rationalising business, people or portfolio.

  • Rethinking the way we work – adapting to agile working, investing in technology or reconfiguring office space or the business’ physical footprint.

  • Reinventing business – launching new products, services, or diversifying into new markets.

  • Reinvigorating ambitions – M&A, innovation, attracting funding for growth or succession planning.

  • Responsible business – investing in employee wellbeing, commitment to community or charity initiatives, or working towards solving broader social or ESG goals.


Oliver Burton, Chief Executive Officer at Forbes Solicitors, commented: “Last year, when we published this report for the first time, many companies were in the eye of the storm. What started as a reaction to the economic crash of last year, has become a long-term opportunity to reinvent business models and continue on the path of innovation.


“We believe businesses like these will be key to driving the region’s future prosperity, which is why we feel it’s so important to champion these stories.”


To view the report  click here


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