Autumn HR retreat, session one summary.

Autumn HR retreat, session one summary.
26 Jan 2021

Theme: Managing people post Covid.

Hosted by Four Recruitment Associate Director, Gemma Sofield with guests speakers:

•    Dave Harrison, Founder of Co-Creation leadership agency
•    Dr Tony Mawson, a consultancy occupational physician with a wide range of
     expertise in providing occupational health advice
•    Emma Swan, Head of Commercial Employment at Forbes

The session begins with Dave Harrison, discussing ‘How to keep people performing at their best post covid”. 
Throughout the session David explores the pillars of motivation through the TOMO lens which include:

•    Commitment
•    Morale
•    Efficiency
•    Development   

David explains each pillar in detail demonstrating the role they play in maintaining employee motivation, while providing advice on ways employers can develop in these areas.

David highlights that everyone’s motivators are different and that we need to treat people as individuals who require time and energy from leaders. He comments “We cannot demand commitment, we may need to re-contract with each individual to understand their current state”.

The session notably holds a large focus on the importance of employee and team development, reminding leaders of the need to think about how they can get their people on ‘the path of possibility’.

The session finishes with David discussing team development, linking strengths and productive habits; adding a memorable note for business leaders of “Involve, include, Innovate”.

Dr Tony Mawson follows with an interesting session discussing: “Coronavirus and the workplace” from an occupational health perspective concentrating on five key areas:

•    Risk perception
•    Patterns of work 
•    Relationships
•    Mental health 
•    Supporting a return to work

Dr Mawson begins his session discussing individual health risks of employees and how these risks may be perceived in the workplace. He then delves into the changing patterns of employment, including how many employees are now unsure of their role at work due to changes which have been implemented quickly and remotely. This leads on to the discussion of relationships in the workplace in which he highlights how it can be especially difficult to maintain and create relationships when working remotely, stating “Good relationships with colleagues is the foundation of a healthy workplace”.

Mental health takes a large focus in Dr Mawson’s session in which he declares “Mental ill-health is the single most common problem I see in occupational health”. He highlights the prevalence of mental health problems that have been triggered by the pandemic, chiefly anxiety; as he informs us that an ONS wellbeing survey reported a doubling of anxiety levels and a 45% adverse effect on wellbeing. 

Dr Mawson ends his session with advice on how to support employees in their return to work.

Head of commercial employment Emma Swan is the final speaker of the autumn HR Retreat who gives an update on the job support scheme which is due to be implemented by the government on November 1st 2020.

Emma discusses in depth the new job support scheme outlined by the government filled with advice and examples of how to implement this in your business strategy.
The session is then closed with questions from the attendants, answered by all four speakers.

Please email gemma@4recruiting.co.uk for a copy of the recording of this webinar.


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