How Do Temp Jobs Work?: Our Guide to Temporary Roles

How Do Temp Jobs Work?: Our Guide to Temporary Roles
28 Mar 2023

Working in a temporary position is a great way to explore different industries and roles, whilst also gaining valuable skills and experience. 

Temporary roles also provide numerous benefits, including flexibility to work around other commitments and filling gaps between permanent positions. 

At Four, we have a number of permanent vacancies within our Finance, HR, Business Support and Supply Chain sectors and can support you in your search for the right role. Whether you’re looking to fill a gap or needing flexible employment, we can help.


Common types of temporary jobs

Temporary positions comes from a variety of different industries, but some of the most common types of temporary jobs include:

  • Receptionists 
  • Administrators
  • Event staff
  • Seasonal sale associates
  • Waiters/waitresses 
  • Warehouse operatives


What are the benefits of temporary jobs?

There are many benefits to temporary employment, which is why many individuals choose to work on a temporary basis. Some of the main benefits include:

  1. Learn new skills and experiences. 

    Temporary roles are a great way to quickly learn new skills and gain some experience. If you are able to get positions with respected companies, you will gain a great amount of experience which will in turn, make your CV look more impressive. 

  2. Your CV will be up to date.

    In many roles, a gap on your CV can sometimes be detrimental to your application efforts. Temporary roles can ensure that yourself and your CV are fully updated, which will impress future employers.

  3. Great for networking. 

    Temporary jobs are a fantastic way to meet and get to know new people and grow your job searching network. When you take up temporary work, you will naturally meet more people and potentially, more permanent employers


When should you look for temporary jobs?

Busy periods of the year tend to be when most of our clients are looking for temporary employees. This will usually include Christmas and Summer holidays, as well as at the start of the year when businesses may be considering expanding. 

If you’re looking for a temporary job during these holidays, you should get your CV over to us a few weeks or months in advance, so we have you on our database and ready when the right role becomes available. 

Despite there being typically busy times throughout the year, we usually have temporary roles available all year round. Get in touch with one of our friendly consultants to register your details and we’ll help you to find the right position that suits your requirements.


What are my rights as a temporary worker?

As a temporary worker, you are entitled to the same comprehensive rights as full time workers, and any employers who don’t adhere to this could face prosecution. 

Despite the fact that your employment is shorter than permanent staff, you are still entitled to specific rights, such as holiday leave and sick pay.

To find out more on what benefits temporary roles offer, read our dedicated blog. 


What are temp agencies?

A temp agency is a specialist firm that connects workers with businesses offering temporary or contract work. 

Temp agencies charge businesses for team members it finds to fill open positions, and those individuals are employed by the temp agency. This arrangement allows people to find short term opportunities, while also preventing businesses from hiring and firing full time employees for short-term needs. 

At Four, we are fully capable of offering the same service as a specialist temp agency; the only difference is that we also offer permanent positions too.


How do you find temporary work?

The best place to start is by registering your details with us at Four. We will help you to find a temporary role that suits your needs and if we don’t have any available now, we will contact you as soon as we do.

Job boards and sites will often post both permanent and temporary job roles, and most temporary positions will clearly state that they’re not permanent. 

Searching through various job boards is a great way to look for temporary roles in your local area. 


Where do employers find temporary staff?

Employers will pay temp recruitment agencies like ourselves to connect their business with potential temporary candidates. The temporary employees who are hired are employed by the recruitment agency. 

This is particularly common in retail and hospitality industries, since they are likely to experience periods of increased custom. 


How to know if a temporary role is right for you

If you’re looking for short term employment, then a temporary role may be the perfect choice for you. Temporary employment can provide freedom and flexibility, as long as you put in the right amount of effort. 

If you’re currently looking for temporary work and would like to explore the options you have available to you, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.


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