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Requests for part time work are on the increase

Requests for part time work are on the increase
12 Dec 2019

I meet and speak with HR candidates on a daily basis and have noticed recently a real increase in the number of candidates that register looking for part time positions, or certainly some element of reduced hours in their working day.

It goes without saying that not all roles easily lend themselves to part time roles but quite often in HR there is the potential to offer this.

There can be some real benefits to both the employer and employee of part time working:

  • It allows the business to attract a diverse workforce – as you aren’t just looking at employees that are available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Part time workers helps the business to respond to peaks and troughs in demand
  • A business can potentially afford a more expensive skill set as you aren’t employing them on a full-time basis, so they are less expensive overall
  • From an employee point of view part time working improves retention for employees who value family-friendly working practices

As a working mum myself, I returned to work 12 months ago on a four day a week basis. I can really empathise with candidates wanting this element of flexibility – it isn’t without challenges and you definitely need to work hard and smart, but it is absolutely possible to make a success of a role working on a less than full time basis.

Being able to do this and have an extra day at home with my son means I feel more engaged and focussed in the days that I do work, than if I had needed to come back on a five day a week basis.

Definitely food for thought when you are recruiting into your HR team as to whether you can offer this.

If you wish to chat about any of my part time HR candidates who could be of interest for your business please feel free to contact me on: 01204 326444 or gemma@4recruiting.co.uk.


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