The Four Annual Sports Day 2018

Posted on 20th June 2018

Last Friday the Four Recruitment team donned their sportiest clothes, got their game faces and headed to a field in the middle of Bolton to take part in the annual ‘Four Recruitment Sports Day’.

The teams were split into two headed by our Well Being Champions Abbie and Neil.

The teams took part in a range of events including, the egg and spoon race, beanbag race, 100m, long jump and everyone’s favourite – the three legged race. The teams also took part in a finaliser – a game of rounders!!

It was neck and neck throughout the afternoon, but Abbie’s team finally took the crown finishing on 37 points compared to Neil’s 36.

Such a great afternoon and all part of our fantastic ‘Health and Well Being’ programme, aimed to improve our fantastic employees mental health and general well being (and a chance to get out into the sun!!)

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