Sports Day At Four

Posted on 12th October 2017

As part of Four Recruitment’s ‘Workplace Well Being Programme’ we held our very first ‘Sports Day’. Organised by our well being champions Abbie and Neil, we closed the office for a Friday afternoon and headed to playing fields in the sports capital of Horwich, Bolton!

There were nine events and two teams – Team Neil and Team Abbie, the events included:

Egg & Spoon Race
100m Race
Long Jump
200m Race
3 Legged Race
Beanbag Race
Welly Wanging
Team Relay

Josh took the first point winning the egg and spoon race for team Neil. Joe was the most successful athelete of the day winning the 100m, and long jump and – much to Neil’s HUGE disappointment, who beielved he had that one in the bag – the 200m.

The beanbag and welly wanging happened druing torrential rain and in the end were called off!

Team Neil won the overall competition. Highlights were Gemma falling flat on her face at the beginning of the 200m race and Rebecca throwing a diva fit, mid benbag race (because the bag fell off her head!)

Surprise sporting skills came from our ops director Phil Sofield who turned out to be quite the bowler during the rounders game, we were also incredibly shocked at Joe’s sporting ability, considering all he does is eat junk!!!

The aim of the sports day was not only to get away from the office, work together as a team and get a bit of fresh air but, was part of our ongoing well being programme.

It is no secret that healthy and well motivated employees can have an equally positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of a business. Four is committed to supporting a healthy and positive working environment and has such as launched a new well being programme which includes a range of activites: personal training sessions, healthy eating programmes, weekly mental health checks amongst others.

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